Freespool Drum

Delta-Tek up-rated winch drum incorporating an air-operated freespool.

Available in standard and long, +76mm (+3") options.


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The Delta-Tek freespool drum has been developed through years of experience in competition where every second counts. The drums have a smaller diameter core than standard which increases both pulling power and rope capacity.  

Drive from the winch can be disconnected to allow the rope to be pulled from the drum at much greater speed, the internal fail-safe clutch is pneumatically released and can be operated from in the cab or outside the vehicle using either manual or electric valves.  

Manufactured from high quality materials in the UK using the latest machining and finishing processes, the drum is intended to be a direct replacement for the original drum, requiring no modification of the original winch or mounting.  

Available in standard and long, +76mm (+3") options.

Supplied as a complete kit with air solenoid valve, hose and fittings suitable for connecting to most onboard air systems.